AD-HOC simple means  'as needed'

For some small businesses, ad-hoc support is a better option because it does not cost much. It also can be a good for companies who has staff member reliable doing basic I.T. tasks.

Below is a simple test, if you answer TRUE to most of the questions, then our ad-hoc support service is a great option for you:

  • I have a staff member capable to cover basic I.T. tasks
  • We are capable to check and test our backups
  • Computers are not 'mission critical' to our operations
  • If our system broke, we would be OK without it for a day or two


How much does it cost?

You pay only for what you need. If something is broke, you call us and we make a decision whether it can be fixed remotely or an on-site visit is required. You will pay for time we spent fixing your issue.

 ad-hock plan  comes with MONITORING?

It depends on your scenario. For a very little cost, we can install our 24/7 monitoring tools. This will allow learning your system prior to a failure, so when a problem occurs, we do not spend time on garthering information about what is normal and what is not. As such, we spend significantly less time to resolve the issue.


Our team can assist with the following:

  • Recovery and restoration after a hardware failure
  • Virus or Trojan removal
  • Server failure or lockup
  • Internet access issues
  • Email system issues
  • Active Directory issues
  • Network perfomence issues
  • Backup problems
  • Desktop, Laptop or Dumb Terminal problems
  • Printer problems
  • New equipment setup and installation

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