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Finding the best business continuity services and disaster recovery plans can be a challenge. Human error, network failures, application bugs and hackers have made system outages a constant concern for many organizations and therefore data recovery is a serious “to be or not to be” question.  


Business Continuity is a planned, documented and tested solution employed by company to re-instate  their business operations. It details steps and procedures acted upon in an event when outage or disaster strikes.

As many businesses learn the hard way every day, they are often only one fault away from disaster. Business Continuity planning is therefore critical to businesses of every size – and this includes the need to build Disaster Recovery (DR) plans to be ready should the unexpected happen. However, surveys across a wide range of industry segments repeatedly suggest that DR planning is still far from front-of-mind in many businesses. 


  • Data loss and downtime costs Australian organizations around $65 billion a year
  • 78% of small businesses said they don’t have Disaster Recovery Plan and 38% said such a plan wasn’t important

  • 75% of Australian companies are still not fully confident in their ability to recover after a disruptions, and organizations with three or more vendors lost 10 times as much data as those with a single  vendor strategy

  • 57% of IT professionals say their business has had a least one system outage in the past three months , and 31% say they’ve an outage in the past week or month

  • 73% say downtime costs their companies more than $10,000 a day while 22% say their organization doesn’t measure service availability at all

  • Only 45% say their company uses disaster recovery for more than half of their servers.

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