"Hohesty, transparency, 'Can Do Attetude' and attention to detail makes INTERprise Technologies a valued service to us for twelve years"

We have found focus on System Uptime impeccable, Response Time - a life saver, and on all occassions with all our staff requiring attention you have always provided an excellent service and response

"INTERprise Technologies inherited a complicated and messy setup from our previous  service provider, at their expense, they took the time to organize our system resulting in a far more straight forward set up"

In my experience working with INTERprise Technologies has been very positive: I would recommend them to any company looking for a reliable and efficient I.T. service provider.

"We have progressively found everything INTERprise Technologies have presented to be true, in fact, their service goes beyond all the claims made at the outset and we are very pleased to provide this testimonial"

“INTERprise Technologies is a very professional company who have demonstrated that they are capable and competent managers of our I.T. system”

 "We contacted INTERprise Technologies to fix problems that had proved to be insurmountable by our previous I.T. provider. INTERprise Technologies were able to resolve these problems quickly and efficiently and within our budget. We subsequently signed a contract for maintenance and support which has continued for five years. INTERprise Technologies is a very professional company who have demonstrated that they are capable and competent mangers of our I.T. system."  

“They take the time to assess why the problem has occurred and offer solutions in layman's terms which are easy to understand."

"After many years of inadequate and unprofessional I.T. support, it is a pleasure to deal with INTERprise Technologies. INTERprise Technologies has made a full evaluation of our I.T. needs, designed a time and costing plan and is bringing us up to speed month by month. For our unexpected problems INTERprise Technologies responds immediately to our calls. They take the time to assess why the problem has occurred and offers solutions in layman's terms which are easy to understand. It is a relief to have support we can rely upon in our busy work environment."


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INTERprise Technologies

ABN 38 085 342 794

34 Banksia Pde, Warriewood, NSW 2102

Phone: 1300 305 588


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